Following the huge success of 2016’s Snowdogs, this autumn will see a herd of brightly coloured elephants stampeding across the North East for Elmer’s Great North Parade. One of those Elephants will belong to Wingrove and we need you to design it.

The public art trail, in aid of St Oswald’s Hospice, will be made up of 170 imaginative elephant sculptures based on the beloved and iconic children’s character: Elmer Elephant. The sculptures, together with an app or map, will take visitors on a tour of the region from the beaches to the city centre via forests, parks and attractions. 700,000 visitors are expected to see the trail that runs from 19th August to 27th October, providing a perfect opportunity to showcase the amazing talent we have here at Wingrove.

In preparation for designing our sculpture, children across the school have been learning about Elmer and discussing the important themes of the series, such as diversity, the environment and health and well-being. We’re now at the exciting stage of designing our elephant and are asking pupils, their families and even members of the wider Wingrove community to contribute ideas and designs by Wednesday 24th April 2019, after which we will choose a winning design or a combination of ideas from several submissions.

The Easter holidays are an excellent opportunity to get inspired and start designing. Before breaking up, pupils were given a template on which they can draw their designs and this is also available to download below. To get as much inspiration as possible for our design, we are also welcoming mood boards, sketch books, concepts, photos and related text.