Our Aim and Rules


Our Aim

At Wingrove we aim to create and maintain a positive and happy atmosphere which is underpinned by high, yet achievable, standards and expectations in both the work and conduct of us all.

We aim to:

Care and share

Communicate and motivate

Challenge and support

so that each child may develop his/her knowledge and skills, academically and personally, to the full potential.

In this way we provide a firm foundation for life-long learning and future success.


Our Rules

All our school rules - in the classroom and around the school - are based on five firm principles.

Always keep hands and feet to yourself.

Never swear, tease or call people names in any language to hurt or upset them.

Treat other people with care and understanding, just as you would like others to treat you.

Take good care of your own belongings and those of other people.

Look after our school and its equipment to keep it clean, tidy and safe.

The words we use to express these are chosen to suit the ages of our children and change slightly as the children grow older and become more responsible and self dependent.


Our Lunchtime Rules

     Show respect for all people by greeting them and saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’

     Always walk when in the hall and inside school.

     Clear away any rubbish ready for the next person.

     Share equipment outside, show care and kindness to all.

     Stay outside when it’s outdoor playtime.

     Look after our school and its equipment to keep it clean, tidy and safe.