School Day

Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Good time keeping is essential. Our doors are opened following the first buzzer at 8.35am and closed when the second buzzer goes at 8.45am. Children should be through the gates by 8.45am. Anyone arriving after the second buzzer must go to the office to sign in as being late.

The Nursery is situated at the front right hand side of the school: parents can walk into school with their child. All other children will filter into school from 8:35am, Reception and Years 1, 2 and 3 through their classroom doors on the playground, Year 4 through the side door by the caretaker's office, Years 5 and 6 entering the south stair-well via the external doors.

The school day ends at 3.15pm. Please collect children from the appropriate playground. You may enter the school premises from 3.05pm but please do not gather near windows or doorways.


Lunch Times

Key Stage 1 break for lunch at 12.00.

Lessons start again at 1.00pm.

Key Stage 2 break for lunch at 12.00.

Lessons start again at 1.00pm.



The morning session begins at 8.45 am.

The morning session ends at 11.45 am.

The afternoon session begins at 12.30 pm.

The afternoon session ends at 3.30 pm.


End of school: safe collection of children - list of named individuals

To maintain children's safety, and to reassure teachers and families that children are collected as agreed, we require all parents / carers to complete a 'collector' list. This is a list of named individuals who are allowed to collect children at the end of the day, or, give clear permission for school staff to let the child leave unaccompanied. The form is filled in and kept by all teaching staff. Unfortunately, we are not able to release the children from school with a person who is not named on the form. We require a similar declaration for 'after school clubs'. Please ensure you keep these up to date to avoid confusion or anxiety, and inform us if you wish to make any changes to the named list.