General Information


Any accidents that occur in school are recorded in the accident book and a duplicate copy is given to the child. If a child receives a head injury, we will call parents to discuss actions. All accidents are dealt with by a qualified first aider who will assess the seriousness of the injury and decide if further action is required. Parents are informed immediately or, in minor cases, at the end of the school day. School will give medicine only if it is needed four times a day or more. It must be named and the dosage prescribed by the doctor clearly visible. A consent form, to give medication, must be completed at the school office. Children who have specific medical needs will have a care plan written for them.


Car Parking

Car parking is limited. Space is available for staff, visitors with fixed appointments and visiting professionals only.



If you become concerned in any way about your child's education, it is important that you tell us about this. As a first step you should discuss concerns with your child's teacher. If you are still concerned you should make an appointment to see the head teacher. If, after discussions at school, you are still unhappy you will need to refer to the complaints procedure of Newcastle City Council. A copy of this is kept at school and is available on request.



Discipline in school is based on the very clear premise that all children have the right to learn and play and all staff have the right to teach and work in a happy, safe environment without distraction or disruption. This, together with the principles of our school ethos and our school's Golden Promises, form the basis of our comprehensive behaviour and anti-bullying policies. These offer fairness, a balance of reward and consequence, support and intervention. As staff we aim to model and to teach good acceptable behaviour. Together with parents, we form a partnership to support our children to succeed.



In EYFS, children begin by bringing a reading book home to share. As children progress through the school, they will be given spellings to learn, as well as English and maths homework. Online learning platforms are used to facilitate homework. Topic-related homework may also be given. It is hoped that parents will support the school and encourage the children to appreciate the value of homework and engage in their work.



In line with Local Authority policy, Wingrove Primary School is a no-smoking zone. This includes the school grounds as well as the school buildings.


Transfer to Secondary School

Wingrove is a member of the West End Schools' Trust (WEST) which, traditionally, feeds into Excelsior Academy. We maintain very good links with all our partner schools, and in recent years, children have transferred to Excelsior Academy, Sacred Heart, St. Cuthbert's, St. Mary's, Gosforth Junior High Academy, Kenton, Jesmond Park Academy, Walbottle, Emmanuel College and the independent sector.