Heritage Months

What Are Heritage Months?

Heritage or Culture Months are periods within the year that are designated to celebrate and acknowledge various ethnic and marginalised groups. These are times not only to celebrate, but also to educate others on various groups’ histories and highlight their vast contributions and rich identities. These important times help us understand some of our own cultures and identities, as well as others.

We are lucky to have a diverse school community, but we do not get many opportunities to talk more about our cultural identities.

We have carefully chosen a variety of activities and events to bring the school community together by educating, appreciating and celebrating another’s culture.

The Culture and Heritage Months chosen for this school year are:

Sept – Oct        Hispanic Heritage Month

Nov – Dec         Roma, Gypsy and Traveller Heritage Month

Jan – Feb          Black History Month

Mar – Apr         Women’s History Month

May – Jun         Asian Heritage Month