Lego Club Diary: National Final Competition Day 20.04.24

Lego Diaries: National Competition Day
Saturday 20th April
Here we go! National Competition Day is here. Robot? Check. Programmes? Check. Innovation Project? Check. Robot Design Presentation? Check. Team huddle ... hands in ... away we go ...
Wingrove Spike Squad, go!
**Congratulations to our wonderful Wingrove Spike Squad!**
Our team were incredible! We finished mid-table in the match league, had some wonderful comments from the judges and had 'the best day'!
We are so proud of you given you were up against children from all over the country, from Cornwall to Dumbarton, and fellow competitors from a range of backgrounds and agres (some were even 16 years old).
Now we wait, with eager glee, for the next year's tournament.
Below, you can find a link to the day's competition, photos and videos from the day, including our final run, and the teaser trailer for next season's competition!
Photos from the day:
Our best run:
Season 2024-2025 Teaser Trailer: