Lego League Teacher Training Day 22.11.23

Wednesday 22nd November 2023 
Lego Day 1: Training Day
Today, Phil Ainsley came to Wingrove from Middlesbrough to train us, Team Lego, in using Lego Education. We had a brilliant day! Phil taught us about using Lego Education SPIKE to programme our SPIKE Essential and Prime robotics kits. 
We also had a great time learning about the Lego League competition we will be taking part in around February 2024. Wingrove will be taking two teams to showcase our learning and be robot extraordinaires! We will be pitting ourselves against a whole range of other schools in the North East.
We just can't wait!
Wingrove's Team Lego:
Mrs Mullarkey;
Ms West;
Mr Barker;
Mrs Fullerton;
Miss Sweet;
Mrs Walker;
Mr Hields; 
and Mrs Blashford.
Stay tuned to find out about our next additions as we invite our children to complete the team.