Lego Club Diary: Regional Competition Day 13.03.24

Lego Diaries: Regional Competition Day
Wednesday 13th March
Competition Day! How will we fair?
We've been working hard since January and have learnt an incredible amount. Here is our chance to showcase everything we have learnt about Lego Education Spike: we have our robots, including their attachments; our innovation projects about augmented reality in the home; our masterpiece mats and models; and a whole lot of excitement!
Each team had three separate attempts to generate as many points as possible within a three minute timeframe. We had been told on our training day that 120 points would be an excellent first time score. How did we do? Wingrove Spike Squad's best score: 130 points; Wingrove Lego Engineers' best score: 150 points! Incredible!
We also had to present our innovation projects and robot designs to the judges. The children were phenomenal! One of the judges said that one of our team's presentation was 'outstanding. One of the best I have seen in three years'.
Finally came the awards ceremony. We were very excited to celebrate everyone's achievements as some of the robot designs we had seen were remarkable, not to mention scores as high as 225 point! Wow. We cheered teams who had won awards such as the points high score, innovation project and robot design.
But then came a special moment: a second judges award had been created 'because we [the organisers] felt one team needed special recognition' as they had had an excellent performance all round but 'had just been pipped by another team'. The winners of the second Judges' Award? Our very own Wingrove Lego Engineers! Congratulations! 
Now the day's conclusion ... the overall winners:
- 3rd place: a different school
- 2nd place: Wingrove Lego Engineers 
- 1st place: Wingrove Spike Squad
We can't believe it! What does it mean? We now have a road trip down to Harrogate to compete in the National Finals: competing against schools from England, Scotland and Wales! This must be a dream!
Robot in Action!
(We would have had more videos but we were all too engrossed!)